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Boats manufacturers in Pakistan

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Boats manufacturers in Pakistan

Boats manufacturers in Pakistan

fiberglass boats manufacturers in Pakistan


Boats manufacturers in Pakistan

New Fiber Zone is one the top boat manufacture company in Pakistan. Here at New Fiber Zone we manufacture different category of boats, one of it is Motorboat. It is a small watercraft that has mobility on water with speed. We have different variety of motorboats depending upon its purposes. We are honored by working with the top management authorities of Pakistan.


At New Fiber zone’s manufacturing plant, we manufacture our Motorboats with the finest quality of Fiberglass to provide our customers with best service. Our motorboat is proudly designed with the perfect of it, when it comes on the ability and power of our motorboat we don’t compromise, an outboard motor/engine ranging from 2 hp to 250 hp is installed on the outside containing the internal combustion engine, the gearbox and the propeller in one portable unit. Our motor boat engine is imported from Japan to give customers the best experience. We make a range of motor boats made with the best of fiberglass, starting from 2hp to 250 hp of engine.

Different type of Motorboats:

Fiberglass Rescue Motorboats:

 To manage with the water disasters around the country, New Fiber Zone stands firm with the disaster management authorities. Our fiberglass rescue motorboat is one of our top selling product, it has an elegant design manufactured by best quality of fiberglass. For helping humanity we came across with this product so that we could play our part in the time of need of our country.

Fiberglass Fishing boat:

Some people our fond of hunting sea creature or to enjoy having fish as a meal. To fulfill such desire of our people New Fiber Zone introduces Fishing boat. It is manufactured by the best quality of fiberglass and an outboard powerful engine installed at the back. We don’t compromise on our quality as our quality speaks. We provide our survive all over the country. We are honored by the excellency of our products that always provide the best feedback’s.

fiberglass boat in Pakistan


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