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1:Why Fiberglass Boats Are Reliable

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1:Why Fiberglass Boats Are Reliable

1:Why Fiberglass Boats Are Reliable


Fiberglass is a fundamental industrial product which is less fragile, more powerful, and has a lightweight. Just like plastic, it has an

fiberglass boat

fiberglass VIP boat

to be molded in various forms that are complex ones.

That’s why it is broadly used in boats, sun shades, window shades, umbrellas, furniture, kids play area, slides,  security guard cabin, washroom, water tank, waste bin etc..

Fiberglass Boats Benefits:

  • Fiberglass is a crucial component of numerous industries including HVAC, fireproofing, and oil fields.
  • In comparison to carbon fiber, it is more economical, and tensile.
  • It is non-conductive and chemically dormant under my circumstances.

Such unique characteristics at a reasonable price make it excellent for commercial as well as industrial use.

Now after discussing the basic characteristics, the point comes from which place you should buy such industrial products?

Obviously you want such polished products which will help you to grow your business.

So here we are…

 NEW FIBER ZONE is an all rounder fiber products manufacturing and repairing company.

The company has expertise in FIBERGLASS BOATS. This company provides you the products that are highly favorable for your businesses or corporations.

Now let’s discuss some of the products in detail…


Why Fiberglass boats?

Fiberglass boats have a smoother and comfortable ride than boats made up of another material.

          Fiberglass is heavier than aluminium which allows it to break through the water waves easier.


Moreover, Fiberglass boats are easy to repair using a Fiberglass patch and the material can be molded easily in any form.

What do we provide?

   NEW FIBER ZONE provides you with many services regarding to Fiberglass boats such as

  • Hunting boats
  • Fishing boats
  • Paddle boats
  • Fiberglass boat repair


The NEW FIBER ZONE is one of the top boat manufacturing companies in Pakistan. We manufacture different types of boats including Hunting Boats. The hunting boats are great for your hunting strategies.

fiberglass hunting boat


Fiberglass Fishing Boats are great for fishermen. New Fiber Zone provides you with the basic services necessary for fishing such as;

  • They can stay in water for a longer period of time
  • They are easily manageable.


  • New Fiber Zone provides the “4 seater Paddle boat” that is of finest quality and highly reliable. It is a Man powered watercraft that uses his energy to drive the paddle wheel.
  • Another product of New Fiber Zone is “Duck Paddle Boat” .It is one of the quality products presented by New Fiber Zone. The product is great for your business as it attracts the general customers to come to you.


 Nothing is perfect so things get broken occasionally. They need to be repaired properly, (In this case) or the life of the passenger would be at risk.

 So NEW FIBER ZONE provides you with the proper Fiberglass Boat repair.

  • Many times the signs of damage remain even after the repair. So we repair the boat properly.
  • NEW FIBER ZONE is very cautious in this regard because we think that the damage may decrease the aesthetic quality of the boat.


New fiber zone is one of the best manufacturers of various types of fiberglass boats.

          We assure you with the best of our services. The boats are durable, of finest quality and are designed by keeping the customer satisfaction into consideration.

          We also provide you an offer to manufacture the customized boats as per your demand.


Why Fiberglass Sunshades?

Creating a cool shade reduces temperatures of overheated rooms and buildings. It increases the indoor comfort and productivity by giving you a stress free and comfortable environment.

Moreover, many people don’t like sunlight much.

What do we provide?

  • We produce different sizes of fiberglass shades as per your demands.
  • In addition to this we also provide induction resources to our customers.
  • So if you are looking for a peaceful environment to increase your productivity we are here for you.




Why fiberglass doors?


Fiberglass doors have benefits that no other substance can give.

The beauty, reliability and energy conservation all in one!

They are harder than other materials such as steel and wood used in doors. They don’t scratch or peel.

What do we provide?

   Many people don’t like ordinary doors which rust, rot or warp easily after a few years even if they spend a lot of time and money on them.

  • So, keeping into consideration the people’s comfort, NEW FIBER ZONE has made finest quality fiberglass doors that withstand such problems.
  • You will feel safer in it.
  • This will not allow easy heat transfers and will save energy.
  • As you know your home designing says a lot about your personality and style. So NEW FIBER ZONE offers you a broad range of Fiberglass doors that will speak for your style.





Why fiberglass water tanks?


One of the major benefits that Fiberglass Water tanks have over ordinary steel tanks is that they are non rusty and non corrosive.

Another important benefit of fiberglass water tanks is that they are lighter than other tanks.


What do we provide?



  • We provide fiberglass water tanks for homes, industries and offices.
  • The water tanks are long lasting and of efficient quality.
  • The tanks have less heating and cooling effects.
  • The Fiberglass tanks having double insulation have no temperature effects on it.


Ending Remarks:

New Fiber Zone has a wide range of highly qualified workers who are sincere with their work. The different categories of boats that we make pass through many tests for ensuring the quality purposes. Our main motive is Customer satisfaction. That’s why we are very conscious about the quality of products we are supplying. Our workforce completes the orders in a short time without affecting the quality. If you have any queries, do contact us.



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