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Fiberglass Portable Cabins and Rooms

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Fiberglass Portable Cabins and Rooms

Fiberglass Portable Cabins and Rooms

fiberglass portable cabins and rooms


Fiberglass Portable Cabins and Rooms

New Fiber zone manufacture portable cabins and rooms  for offices, construction sites and also for living rooms. Our Fiberglass rooms and fiberglass portable cabins are expansively manufactured for industrial sectors, housing societies and offices. New fiber zone has provided its services all over Pakistan and our customers have a positive feedback. Fiberglass security guard room and fiberglass rooms has a standard size of 4’ * 4’ and height is 7’. New fiber zone also manufacture customized sizes as per demand of our customer. Our manufactured fiberglass security guard room and washroom speaks of our quality work itself.

fiberglass guard room

fiberglass rooms

frp guard room

fiberglass cabins

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