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Fiberglass Rescue Boats

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Fiberglass Rescue Boats

Rescue Boat

Rescue boat

Rescue Boat is made from fiberglass reinforced plastics (GRP), Between the inner hull and outer hull filled with polyurethane foam Rescue Boat and Fast Rescue Boat are powered by OUTBOARD ENGINE

Model: RB19


Rescue Boat Length: 19feet

Beam 5feet 5inch

Depth 24inch

Driven: Outboard Engine

Engine recommended 25HP~40HP

Rescue Boat Capacity:  6~15 Persons

Double hull Boat

Hard seat provided

Stern hooks 02 Nos

Eye bolt 01 Nos

Rescue Boat Material: fiberglass Rescue Boat..


                                    Fiberglass rescue Boats and Utility Boats

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